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Poop and Olive Oil


Ahhhh....the baby's first poop.As a new parent, you will become so obsessed with their poop- is it too much? Not enough? A newborn baby’s first bowel movements are called meconium. Meconium is a dark,stubborn, tar-like substance created in the baby’s digestive system in utero from ingesting amniotic fluid, epithelial cells, etc. In fact, the term meconium is derived from the term meconium-arion, meaning “opium-like”, because of its thick, dark appearance. Meconium is difficult to remove from newborn babies’ bottoms. Diaper wipes and warm soapy wash clothes just smear the substance around. Bottle line, it's a hot mess. Olive oil is, believe it or not, one of the best tricks for removing meconium, and it also leaves a protective barrier on the baby’s bottom, which makes future meconium clean up easier. In fact, some OBs and midwives recommend putting olive oil on the newborn’s bottom before any meconium appears to ease the first diaper change. Some hospitals recommend parents use Vaseline, but it is a petroleum product and it may not be something you would want to put on your baby's skin. Olive oil, on the other hand, is great for baby’s skin and it makes meconium clean up a breeze. So, pack a small bottle of EVOO ( Rachel Ray would be so proud!) in your hospital bag and rub a little oil on your baby's bottom in between changes. You can also use organic coconut oil! So next time you attend a baby shower, give the gift of olive or coconut oil! Hey, why not?

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