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We believe the best service we can provide our clients is to help them know what their options are, then serve them in the methods and options they choose. A large part of what we do is provide classes and training related to pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. All class fees cover the expectant mother and one support person. If you are interested in any of these classes, please send us a message!

The Facts of Birth: Your Evidenced-Based Guide to Childbirth

A one-day childbirth class taught using Lamaze International’s Six Health Birth Practices taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth instructor. The course will cover anatomy and physiology, the stages and phases of labor, comfort measures, pain medication options and other interventions, and postpartum care of mother and baby. The focus is on evidence-based care and provides practical tips for couples to manage either medicated or unmedicated childbirth.

Location: Dallas Birth Center, 4218 Main Street, Dallas, TX, 75226
Length of Time: 8 hrs

2018 Dates: April 21, June 23, August 4, September 22, November 10

Also available as a private, in-home class.  


The Facts of Birth in Review: A Refresher Childbirth Class

A half day class intended for those who have previously given birth.  Provides an evidenced-based overview of the birth process utilizing Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices.  Comfort measures for each stage of labor are practiced.

Location: Dallas Birth Center, 4218 Main Street, Dallas, TX, 75226
Length of Time: 3 hrs

2018 Dates: August 11, November 3

Also available as a private, in-home class. 

Comfort Measures for Labor: A Practice Session

Scientific research tells us that walking, moving and changing positions during labor helps women better manage the process of labor and also helps baby settle into position for birth.  This class allows women and their support partners to get hands-on practice in different movements, positions and touch strategies while incorporating strategies to help women feel more centered and in control of the process.

Location: Available for small classroom or private in-home class
Length of Time: 2.5 hrs

The Magic of Touch: Infant Massage and Babywearing

Scientific research demonstrates many benefits from regular physical touch between infants and caregivers.  Two wonderful strategies will be shared to offer practical strategies to facilitate bonding, attachment and soothing.  Infant massage strokes will be taught and practiced.  A variety of baby carriers will be available for trial.  This class may be taken either prenatally or after baby is born.

Location: Available for  private in-home class
Length of Time: 2 hrs


Infant and Child CPR

Learn American Heart Association infant and child CPR and choking rescue. Instruction provided by a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (www.bishopbabies.com).
Note: Each booking allows for two participants.

Location: The Laughing Willow - 301 N. Bishop Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Length of Time: 2 hrs